Ripping Headaches & Savage Party Presents


Sabbath Assembly, Multicult, Mother Moon

Sun, May 7, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

Having established themselves as one of the most notable progressive and unique instrumental metal bands since their inception over 17 years ago, NY-based (originally Philly-based) power-trio DYSRHYTHMIA have shown the ultimate in musical fortitude and expression through wondrous jaw-dropping musical compositions that go beyond the mere definition of jazz-infused avant-garde technical extreme metal.

With their new album "The Veil Of Control", the band's seventh full-length and their first since their Profound Lore Records debut in 2012 "Test Of Submission" (the band released their previous albums on Relapse Records), DYSRHYTHMIA have once again created a new expression within their jaw-dropping repertoire that will go unparalleled within the niche genre of "instrumental progressive metal", proving once again they are an untouchable entity within the scene.
Sabbath Assembly
Sabbath Assembly
"Sabbath Assembly is now the band Ghost would be if they actually worshipped the Horned Beast of the Apocalypse and weren't just funning around" (Angry Metal Guy). Sabbath Assembly has established itself as a seminal occult rock outfit over the course of six albums dating to 2009. Beginning as a project to disseminate the Gnostic Christian and Theistic Satanic hymns of the 60s cult The Process Church of the Final Judgment, Sabbath Assembly has morphed into a powerhouse of neo-prog brutality featuring members and ex-members of Hammers of Misfortune, Gorguts, and Kayo Dot. Dropping the Process Church front, the band now delivers original material that is highly advanced musically while remaining primitively guttural lyrically. Led by the Jamie Myers, "the bridge between Grace Slick in the psychedelic 60's and Janis Joplin if she was influenced by Black Sabbath and Rare Earth" (Wicked Channel), Sabbath Assembly's new album Rites of Passage will be released on Svart Records April 2017.
Mother Moon
Venue Information:
Metro Gallery
1700 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD, 21201