George Clanton

George Clanton

Negative Gemini, Blacksage

Wed, March 29, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$10 ADV $12 DOS

This event is all ages

George Clanton
George Clanton
Following three years of releasing music as the seminal vaporwave producer ESPRIT 空想, and vocal-driven pop artist Mirror Kisses, George Clanton has dropped the alter egos. Clanton’s latest work is built upon the foundation laid by those projects, but further pushes the sound of modern internet-bred genres by adding timeless pop hooks and structure.

In the past year Clanton has gone on to launch his own all-vinyl record label, 100% Electronica - a platform from which George released his debut album of the same title. The album 100% Electronica is George's attempt to combine the Mirror Kisses and ESPRIT 空想 projects into one sound.

Following the release of 100% Electronica, the new project enjoyed a sharp rise in popularity thanks to endorsements from Gorilla Vs Bear​, FACT Mag​, SPIN​, and others. In 2016 George shared the stage with Charlie XCX​, Sophie​, and Teklife​ for the Gorilla Vs Bear SXSW Showcase at Hype Hotel; a performance Yahoo Music​ highlighted, calling George Clanton specifically “the best thing we saw at SXSW all week.”

Since then George’s following has grown steadily as he continues to release some of Bandcamp’s best-selling vinyl records (Negative Gemini – Body Work, SURFING – Deep Fantasy, ESPRIT空想–, and more) through his own 100% Electronica label. To date, each individual release has reached #1 on Bandcamp’s “best-selling” charts not just for vinyl but all music as well.

This year will see the release of George Clanton’s follow up album, and countrywide touring as he takes his renowned show on the road for the first time outside of the Northeast.

“There’s something violently direct and honest when Clanton performs that makes him stand out in scenes that tend to worship the anonymity of the internet." - FACT MAG

“the best thing we saw at SXSW all week ... Clanton often abandoned his DJ decks to crawl on the beer-smeared floor, bash his skull with a microphone, and howl unhingedly in the faces of the club’s nonstop-ecstatic-dancing revelers. Iggy Pop probably would have loved this, actually.” – Yahoo! Music

“George took what could have potentially been a very zombie-esque chillporwave time and elevated it 1000x into a very electrically-charged, very excellent live experience, and I very much feeling it. Most definitely catch him at his next live gig, and in the meantime, probably just listen to him on repeat forever.” – Brightest Young Things

“Again and again Clanton performs like his life is on the line.” - Stereogum

“Moments into his opening track, the effervescent intensity was apparent. He never held back, dancing with the crowd while performing tracks such as “Bleed” and simply rocking out to others like “Wonder Gently” — a mesmerizing performance through and through.” – The Wild Honey Pie

"the vehement track ["Wonder Gently"] takes on the criticisms of vaporwave, chillwave, and DIY pop in general directly with some particularly biting lyrics. “Maybe you could write your own song and listen to it all alone” he sings during the song’s powerful second half, proving once again, that this isn’t just music anyone could make in their own bedroom, as this is something entirely his." - Pigeons and Planes

"this is pop music refracted and warped through Clanton’s singular and unmistakably modern lens, as he manages to turn vaporwave, chillwave, and other assorted internet-genre-waves on their collective ear, ultimately transcending all of it in the name of undeniable, timeless jams that could only exist in 2015, songs that can be at once subversive, funny, dark, poignant, and deeply affecting." - Gorilla Vs Bear

#10 Album of the year – Gorilla Vs Bear

“When I heard the some Bleed live for the first time I had goosebumps head to toe, it wasn’t because of the huge crashes or his way with the crowd, I just couldn’t believe a song like that was created by his generation.” – iso50

“Clanton’s music continues to defy easy categorization, it was never just post-chillwave, or vaporwave, or 80s New Wave throwback, it’s all of these and more, and Clanton’s got an amazing curatorial ear when it comes to songwriting, which is oh-so evident all throughout this new release.” – Tiny Mix Tapes
Negative Gemini
Negative Gemini
Negative Gemini (aka Lindsey French) is an American electronic musician and producer, hailing from Queens, New York who is known for her unique approach to creating music that seems to effortlessly combine elements of mid-90's trance and techno influenced club with the poppy yet ethereal vocal sensibilities of singers like Madonna or Mazzy Star's, Hope Sandoval.

French had already been hard at work preparing a new and more refined body of work before her arrival in NYC (2015), and after a few months of testing it out live in her new scene, Lindsey was ready to unveil, Real Virtual Unison - an EP which was released on Bandcamp in March of 2015 and went on to earn a spot on FACT’s list of favorite BandCamp releases in 2015 in addition to critical response from numerous online media outlets including Gorilla vs Bear, Pigeons and Planes, and KEXP among others.

Soon after it's release, Lindsey, along with her partner and fellow electronic producer, George Clanton​, formed their own independent vinyl-only label, 100% Electronica. Her sound began to generate attention, with many critics noting that despite a lot of other contemporary electronic music, her personality remained at the center of her sound and style, ever-burgeoning with the young producer’s unique visual aesthetic. Her often reverb-drenched vocals also garnered comparison to singers such as Bilinda Butcher​ and Miki Berenyi​.

By late 2015, after the release Real Virtual Unison earlier in the year, Lindsey began teasing her upcoming sophomore LP, Body Work with the release of numerous singles beginning with, "You Never Knew", which was among the Best Songs of 2015 as listed by Gorilla vs Bear and Pigeons and Planes.

Ahead of her performance with Charlie XCX in March at the 2016 Hype Machine Presented Gorilla vs Bear SXSW Showcase, Negative Gemini unveiled another single, "Body Work" which was covered by NYLON, The 405, EARMILK, as well as many others. NPR's Otis Hart subsequently added the track to NPR's "Songs We Love" playlist and tweeted that ""Body Work" is 1 of the best things I've heard this year."

In June of 2016, Negative Gemini formally announced her upcoming sophomore album, Body Work with yet another single
"Don't Worry Bout What The Fuck I'm Doing", an empowering summer anthem which was covered by everyone from PAPER to The FADER and Nasty Gal.

The new album from Negative Gemini, ​ Body Work was released on September 23rd 2016 via 100% Electronica​. Since it’s release, ‘Body Work’ has received praise from Tiny Mix Tapes, Skrillex-owned media platform Nest HQ, The 405, Fact mag, and most notably full features with interviews on both Bandcamp Daily and MTV news. The album has become the darling many indie radio stations across the U.S. including WMBR Cambridge, MA & Radio K Minneapolis of whom, in particular, are two of the best and most respected college stations in the country, along with legendary Seattle radio KEXP. ‘Body Work’ was recently named album of the week at Radio K.

"As if Kylie Minogue was commissioned to soundtrack a movie that falls somewhere between ’90s teen romance and a grindhouse movie, the track is capable of establishing Lindsey as the internet’s next big pop star." - Pigeons and Planes

"Negative Gemini, makes a genre-spanning blend of ’90s techno and heady modern electronica: a little Chicago, a little Detroit, and a whole lot of Brooklyn. But unlike many of her contemporaries, French conveys her personality and experiences through vocals and lyrics, not just tight production" - NYLON

"ethereal synths and some seriously deep basslines" - THUMP

"You Never Knew' is an addictive piece of electronic pop that will make you reach for that play button time and time again."- The 405

"Negative Gemini breaks up genre tropes only to filter them through her unique vision. It’s that vision, in terms of production, that is even stronger while her singing constantly surprises from the self-sampled vocals on the title track to the effervescent, untouched R&B performance on ‘Hold U’." - FACT Mag

"Negative Gemini’s dance floor is filled with dread. Bummed out but in need of sex, the solo project of Lindsey French imparts its foreboding whispers with the emotional evasiveness that the Cocteau Twins learned from listening to Nico’s “Chelsea Girl.”" - Style Weekly

"'Don't Worry Bout The Fuck I'm Doing' is sonically consistent with her futuristic take on electronic pop. Her voice rides the hypnotic beat, but her charged lyrics take front stage" - The FADER

"When French lets loose emotionally, as on ‘You Never Knew’ or last year’s stunning ‘Forget Your Future’, it’s crushing. The shitheads here though only warrant the calm instruction of the title and with it French shows off another facet to her increasingly exciting work." - FACT

"one of our favorite tracks from the record, an emphatic middle finger to the disgusting catcallers she encounters on a daily basis in NYC .. ethereal electronic pop anthem." - Gorilla vs Bear

"A gorgeous, space-y spin on NG's signature, forward-thinking electropop, it's definitely a headbobber." - PAPER Mag

"Your summer anthem is here, courtesy of Negative Gemini. One of our favorite up-and-coming singer/producers ... this synthy indie track induces long summer joyride yearning alongside unforgiving bad bitch vibes." - Nasty Gal
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Metro Gallery
1700 North Charles Street
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