Screaming Females

Unregistered Nurse Presents

Screaming Females

Street Eaters, Outer Spaces, Purrer, Composite

Wed, November 1, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:20 pm

$12 ADV $14 DOS

This event is all ages

Screaming Females
Screaming Females
We've been a band for 9 years. We used to do everything ourselves but these days a bunch of friends help us out with stuff. Here is a more official write up from our publicist.

Screaming Females' seven years as a band, four full-length albums and 700 globe-spanning live shows has made them difficult to miss. Through it all, the New Brunswick, New Jersey trio have continued to exude a frenetic energy which is built upon the zeitgeist of America's punk and indie underground yet has always remained forward-looking. Fittingly, for Screaming Females' 5th album 'Ugly', the band enlisted legendary recording engineer Steve Albini, famed for his unique ability to capture the ferociousness of a live performance while delivering gorgeous sonic clarity. The album's 14 tracks reaffirm the touchstones of the band; they can still shred and front-woman Marissa Paternoster can still unleash a powerful howl. But it doesn't end there. The album ushers in new explorations for the band, a truly remarkable feat considering their already prolific output. 'Ugly' has the perfect combination of raw energy and honed musicianship that produces the type of rock & roll which is still a force to be reckoned with.
Street Eaters
Street Eaters
Truewave // Punk band from Berkeley / Oakland, California.
Outer Spaces
Venue Information:
Metro Gallery
1700 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD, 21201